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The first worldwide classifieds marketplace using blockchain technology.

Welcome to Fair Ninja, the world first—and the biggest—multinational online classifieds platform for trading goods and services using cryptocurrency. We're disrupting the world of online trading. Jump on board with us!









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gauss development
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Find the best deals, quickly and safely

With Fair Ninja, you’ll find the best deals across Europe and around the world. Buy and sell with anyone, anywhere, in any language. Shop like a real ninja with these features:


Pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,
or our own Yoshicoin.


and confirmations.

Smart and Safe

Smart contracts ensure
both buyer and seller
get what they want.


We protect your privacy and keep
your transaction history hidden.

Ninja’s in feudal Japan were spies, stealthy, and deadly. Today, ninja’s are killing it in a different way—by finding the best deals possible online!

our app contains search categories
ninja protect everything

Invest in Fair Ninja. ICO coming.

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our app contains search categories In-app features that  separate us from any classifieds website  out there We are bridging the gap between a traditional classifieds Website and online Webshop by reinventing the way people sell trade online, giving them the right tools and introducing them to the world of cryptocurrency Trade using cryptocurrency only to get only the best deals from all over the world

Online classifieds is big business, and yet, no one has created a fully functional, international platform. Until now.

Today, only a handful of merchants accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. But with Fair Ninja, that’s all going to change. We’re going to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to sell anything online while accepting payment in cryptocurrency. There are tens of thousands of online merchants and many cryptocurrency holders around the world who have the potential to become Fair Ninja users.

We believe crypto is going to fundamentally change how online classified platforms work, and we’re going to be at the forefront of that change. As part of that, we will be launching Yoshicoin, an ERC20-compliant cryptocurrency.

our app contains search categories In-app features that  separate us from any classifieds website  out there
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Main Fair Ninja Benefits.

world connected

Trade using cryptocurrency only to get only the best deals from all over the world.

Fast and secure transactions.

Three is a crowd - Using smart contracts we make sure the seller and the buyer receive their funds and goods at the same time, no third party involvement.

Purchase with: 

yota coin  splitter  bitcoin  splitter  world connected splitter  litecoin

Buy goods and services with the most popular cryptocurrencies, including our very own "Yoshi" coin.

differend worldwide languages
Multilanguage automated.

The best and easiest translation solution implemented to automatically translate your product information for international customers.

our dashboard
Trading dashboard.

We will be using cutting-edge technologies to present your products in the best possible way such as AI product recognition for fast and easy upload of items, 360 camera app integration for an immersive experience and many more.

loyality program
Loyalty program.

Community rewards along with many more loyalty programs will be given to the most loyal Ninjas.

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How it Works?

Find product you like Find product/s you like

01. │ Frederico lives in Spain. He wants to buy an iPhone X, but doesn’t want to pay the full €1,000 cost of a new one. He visits and looks through all iPhone X’s being offered. He finds that Hans in Germany is selling a slightly used one for €900.

Connect with seller Connect with seller

02. │ Frederico contacts Hans and says he’s interested in buying the iPhone. Hans says it’s still available, and that shipping will cost €25. Frederico agrees and clicks “Purchase.”

Choose payment option Choose your payment option

03. │ Frederico can now chose to pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Yoshicoin. He choses Yoshicoin because he wants to get the most rewards possible. Frederico’s payment is held until buyer confirms he’s received the product.

Purchase Purchase product

04. │ Hans is quickly notified that payment has been made and ships the iPhone.

Receive product Receive product

05. │ Frederico receives the iPhone and confirms that it is in working order. His payment is then instantly released to Hans.

Review seller Review seller

06. │ Fair Ninja provides both Frederico and Hans with rewards points for conducting their transaction. Frederico and Hans also leave each other 5-star reviews.

Why invest in Fair Ninja?

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    We have 30 years experience in the classified business, and 20 in online classifieds.

    We already run two profitable companies, generating millions of Euros in revenue annually.

    We have more than 150 employees in our companies.

    Our partners are in the Top 50 fast growing companies, according to Deloitte.

There are thousands of potential crypto merchants around the world and a lot more buyers that dont have it easy when trying to spend their crypto earnings outside paying large exchange fees while converting into fiat.

With over 30 years experience in the classifieds business we came up with an idea of an ecosystem, a platform to connect buyers and sellers willing to accept cryptocurrency, while keeping it classy and offcourse classified.
Zeljko Hudoletnjak, CEO of Fair Ninja
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30 Years Of Experience in Classifieds / Partnerships

Fair Ninja is a collaboration between the, the largest online classifieds platform in Croatia, and Gauss Development, one of the Top 50 fastest growing companies in central Europe.

multifunctional team

Oglasnik was founded in 1989 and is synonymous with classifieds, both online and in print.

Oglasnik has been recognized many times over the years as a pillar in the media community, and this year was awarded with a “Superbrands” award for the 2 years in a row.




We are an award-winning full-service design and development agency with 75+ creative and engaged employees, successfully serving global markets. Continuous improvement and effective communication are crucial elements of our success.

Their business is about understanding client’s unique needs and building long-term partnerships. They were recognized as the Top 50 Central European private companies by winning the prestigious award “Deloitte Fast 50” two years in a row, in 2016 and 2017. This is a well recognized company with a track record of high quality IT projects.


delioitte - award delioitte - award 2016

With our deep experience in online classifieds, we have already developed several key partnerships that will help ensure a successful launch.


A proud partner of ICMA since its infancy, Oglasnik has participated in the association’s Marketplaces and Online classifieds conferences nearly every year since its inception. The ICMA has provided us with the opportunity to connect with other marketplaces and develop long-lasting relationships.


Antavo is our go-to partner for online and mobile loyalty solutions. They have a proven success record of high-quality customer service. Antavo works with top European fashion retailers and brands, offer a stellar technology product, strategic planning, and loyalty management.

asostoysRusAmerican Airlines

Besedo is the top provider of content moderation for online marketplaces, classifieds, dating sites, and communities. Their services ensure that content is free from illegal or abusive materials, and that users can conduct business in a safe and secure environment.

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ICO Coin Distribution

Our distribution

Bounty program












Reserve fund



Token sale

Q2 2018


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Idea/created Fair Ninja Inc.
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QUARTER 2, 2018
ICO Opens
QUARTER 3, 2018
Start of platform development
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QUARTER 3, 2018
First classified partnership
QUARTER 3, 2018
Exchange listings
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Presenting value of product through intensive marketing
QUARTER 4, 2018


QUARTER 1, 2019
Release of Fair Ninja platform and mobile app
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Geographical expansion of fair ninja
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Our Team.

Fair Ninja has pulled together a team of experts in online classifieds, web application development, and cryptocurrency. Following are the bios for each team member.

multifunctional team
Founder & CEO

Zeljko is the founder of Fair Ninja and the Chief Executive Officer of Oglasnik, the biggest classified platform in Croatia. A seasoned entrepreneur, Zeljko excels at identifying opportunities for growth, innovation, and optimization of personnel and processes. His proven success record is most evident in his work as CEO of OGLASNIK group. From hardware optimization, to new marketing plans, and the refinement of visuals and editing across the print and digital publishing business, Zeljko illustrates a unique capacity to envision a business’ future while also addressing its current challenges. Founder of five companies, Zeljko’s career demonstrates a commitment to delivering change through unique products and projects.

Hrvoje Lozancic
CTO of Fair Ninja

CTO at Gauss development, a company with a track record of delivering high quality IT projects, Hrvoje is a great team leader specialized in program architecture and complex problem-solving.

Sebastijan Placento
Blockchain Developer

Currently working as head of e-commerce department and back-end developer. Sebastijan has experience using HMTL, CSS, JAVAScript, JQuery, PHP, and MySQL. He also has experience in the following areas: ZEND, SQL, Ajax, OOP, VB, C, C++, C#, ASP and software design and testing.

Aleksandar Beric
Project Manager

A crypto-enthusiast, trader and investor with a programming background, Aleksandar has extensive knowledge of Java, Python, C++, SQL. He brings analytical approach to subject and posseses good organisational skills.

Hrvoje Kovacicek

Hrvoje is a UX/UI designer with startup experience creating elegant, engaging, functional assets and interfaces. He also has intimate knowledge of the following web development technologies: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JAVAScript, and JQuery.

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Our Advisors.

Ivan Lozancic

Ivan is the co-founder of Gauss, and has experience running a high-profile company and managing a staff of nearly 100 employees. Ivan has overseen various projects from concept to realization and always strives to maintain the highest standard of quality and control.

gauss logo
Ivor Miskulin
Financial Advisor

Co-founder of a private company, Ivor has proven to be skilled at developing brands and marketing strategies.

Ivor has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from UC Santa Barbara, as well as a master’s degree in Business Administration and Finances from the University of Washington.

sagely logo
Brigham Ricks
Legal Advisor

Founder and CEO of Pennywise P2P and managing attorney at IUURI Legal. More than 15 years of international legal experience.

IUURI Legal logo


Read our whitepaper to understand why we believe online classifieds is the next platform that cryptocurrency will disrupt. Get the details of our ICO and other relevant information.

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