Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions

Everything you want to know
about FairNinja - explained.

1. What is FairNinja?

FairNinja is first worldwide multi-national online classifieds platform that allows users to buy and sell goods and services using cryptocurrency.

2. What is Yoshi coin?

Yoshi coin is the "official" cryptocurrency of FairNinja platform. Buying and selling using Yoshi coin have the benefit of having the lowest fees on transactions.

3. What if I want to do payment with cryptocurrency that doesn't use smart contracts? How is my transaction safe then?

In that case, FairNinja is the third-party that holds the payment until the buyer receives the product as agreed, after he confirms everything is ok, FairNinja will finish the transaction between buyer and seller.

4. Is Yoshi coin an anonymous cryptocurrency since you claim anonymity?

No. We provide anonymity in the sense that all that is written in the contract is the username to keep the transaction/user safe and the sum that is being transferred. Keep in mind we don't want illegal activity on our platform as all the ads will be moderated so it wouldn't contain items or services that are illegal.

Think of it as buying with "cash" only you have a platform that is keeping your transactions safe and you don't have to pay high platform/bank/wire or exchange fees.

5. Why should I use FairNinja?

It is a perfect place to spend your cryptocurrency as we offer fast and secure transactions. The entire process of transferring crypto into fiat money requires high fees and is a long and tedious process.

FairNinja is an inexpensive alternative where you can easily spend your cryptocurrency buying goods and services without losing money on transfer fees.

6. I am a US citizen, can I participate in the crowdsale?

Citizens from China and USA can't participate in crowdsale, however, they are eligible to invest in the private sale.